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Customer Engagement Surveys

    Turnkey "VoC" - Voice of the Customer programs
  • NPS, CSAT data and comment analysis
  • Incident notification and tracking
  • Incentive contests, drawings and coupons
  • Receipt, text or QR code initiated
  • Invite referrals, reviews, follow up offers
  • Feedback analytics - multi language support
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Are you listening to the voice of your customer “VoC”?  

Efeedbackplus hosted mobile friendly surveys allow you to easily engage your customers and monitor customer satisfaction (CSAT) and loyalty (NPS) and quality standards on a continuous basis. Customer dissatisfaction can auto generate incident tickets, routed to the proper personnel to allow for the timely resolution of problems and the rescuing of unhappy customers.

Incentives can greatly increase customer participation and loyalty. You can offer a “Feedback Rewards” bounce back digital coupon for completing a survey to reward customers and foster repeat business. Or sponsor weekly or monthly drawings and contests, with winners randomly selected and notified and rewarded with redeemable digital coupons. Our proprietary software automates the entire process including tracking the status of winners and digital coupons.

Surveys can be initiated through a transaction receipt invite code, text message or QR code. You can require a valid text number or email address to validate participants and to limit surveys or entries to ensure reliable results.

To further engage customers and increase your business you can invite and reward customer referrals, invite online reviews and invite signing up for promotional coupons for special occasions such as birthdays. Our software can automatically handle it all.

Our analytics and reporting portal allows you to easily monitor all of the above services from a single portal. We are designed to service both domestic and international business chains with multi-unit operations and offer multi language support. We can handle multiple brands with across brand reporting capabilities. We can also migrate your existing survey program and import your historical data.

No operation is too large or too small for our services. Please request a demo and let's discuss a free trial so you can fully evaluate it and immediately begin receiving the benefits before making a longer term commitment.

Targeted Inspections

    Invite your customers to perform "On the Spot" inspections
  • Targeted customer inspections with photos
  • Auto scheduling,digital rewards coupons
  • Incentive coupons and drawings
  • Incident notification and tracking
  • Integrated with our traditional mystery shopper programs
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  • Apply here to become a mystery shopper

Do you “Inspect what you Expect”?  

Inspecting what you expect is an important component of an effective quality assurance program. Many companies use onsite mystery shopper inspections to monitor quality standards. We have performed tens of thousands of inspections since 1990 and continue to do so, and we are well aware of the benefits and limitations.

The benefits can be very specific and useful targeted feedback. The limitations are often the cost per inspection, lining up qualified shoppers who accurately reflect your customer base and the infrequency of the inspections. A weekly or monthly snapshot in time is generally not an accurate indicator of what's happening on a daily basis.

We have seen a number of clients switch from mystery shopping to using VoC customer survey programs to receive more frequent and cost effective feedback. VoC surveys can provide valuable feedback, but may lack some of the targeted feedback a traditional mystery shopper inspection can provide. As a result we have developed a new cost effective alternative, “On the Spot” customer performed, targeted inspections, with photo feedback. This program allows you to turn your customers into “On the Spot Inspectors” for a fraction of the cost of a traditional mystery shop, and allows you to pre-schedule as many inspections as you want.

We incorporate the On the Spot Customer inspections as part of the VoC survey program. Based on a predetermined schedule, selected customers taking the VoC survey will be invited to perform an inspection while still on premise. If they agree to the terms and conditions, they will complete the inspection form and take and upload photos to further document the inspection. Upon completion and approval of their report, they will be texted or emailed a digital coupon to be redeemed at your business for compensation. Your company QA contact will also receive notifications etc. It's all totally automated once setup.

Please request a demo and a free trial for your organization.

Employee Engagement and Recognition

    Turnkey "VoIC" - Voice of the Internal Customer programs
  • Voic-Box KIT - Kudos, Ideas, confidential Tips
  • Staff recognition and best idea initiatives
  • Engage your staff to boost morale and success
  • Staff Surveys- Hosted and fully customizable
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Are you asking for the voice of your internal customers “VoIC” - your staff and team members?  

Your employees are often your most valuable and under utilized and recognized resource.
Our Voic-box KIT - Kudos, Ideas, confidential Tips, invites your employees to give their ideas to solve problems, give Kudos and positive recognition to co-workers doing a great job and to provide you with confidential tip offs to issues in your workplace such as theft, substance abuse, harassment or other activities that upper management needs to be aware of.

The program makes it easy to sponsor a contest for the best problem solving ideas and to recognize employees nominated by their peers. This program can boost morale and increase your success.

We can also host all your HR survey needs such as new hire surveys, employee perceptions and satisfaction surveys and exit interviews. All programs and reports are available through the EFP portal.

Please request a demo and free trial for your organization.

Training and Development

    Engage and Train you staff and team members
  • Behavioral based Applied Learning system
  • Customizable interactive learning modules
  • Learning model "assess-learn-practice-share"
  • Monitor progress through our LMS portal.
  • Request a complimentary Guest Care training demo.

Are your staff trained and performing at a high level?  

Providing your staff with the training and tools they need to be effective and productive is an essential part of an effective quality management system. Our learning system makes it easy and cost effective to create and host your training courses.

Our unique behavioral based “applied learning” model of "assess-learn-practice-share" individualizes the training and encourages participants to practice and apply the principles they are learning on the job. Points are earned for completed learning and practice activities with certifications being awarded upon completion.

Whether it's hosting new hire orientations, customer service skills, stress management or other topics, we can assist.. Our built in LMS console will allow you to track the status and progress of each participant. Selectively retrain staff members as desired based on VoC survey incidents for continuous improvement and quality assurance.

Please view a demo and free trial of our Customer Care Training for your organization.

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